Music Lessons with Bach to Rock

You and Me Mussic Class

Ages: 3-5 years and 18+

NEW! Fee includes one adult and one child for 4-week sessions. Through dynamic musical- and movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically inspired story-time, budding young musicians gradually develop the skills needed to read music, play simple rhythms and develop fine motor control, skills essential for future success playing an instrument.

Guitar Lessons

Ages: 6-12 years

New! 6-week session available. Beginner students are taught first position chords, scales and arpeggios as well as the fundamentals of music theory. Teachers use special arrangements of relevant popular music and innovative approaches, such as special tunings that accommodate small hands and growing muscles, to develop a student’s musical and instrumental skills right from the start.

Group Ukulele Lessons

Ages: 6-12 years

Over a four-week session, students learn the basics of ukulele in an interactive group setting. Starting with the fundamentals of ukulele and music theory, students are taught everything they need to start playing songs quickly.

Percussion 101

Ages: 6-12 years

This four-week session focuses on rhythm, coordination and percussion techniques as well as complex skills such as four-way coordination and polyrhythms. An emphasis on ear training helps students learn to recognize drum patterns in popular music and other genres.

Voice and Choir Lessons

Ages: 6-12 years

Over a four-week session, vocal students are strongly encouraged to sing in a variety of styles, rock and pop through classical, learning essential skills such as voice projection, the creation of a clear vocal tone and correct breathing techniques while gaining a greater understanding of melody in music.


For more information, please see the current program guide or call (847) 465-3333.