Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for online registration?          

The Wheeling Park District currently uses an online system to register for most programs.  You can visit this portal at   To register you will need a household username.  If you have registered for a program since April, 2016 then you already have a household number.  Email the Guest Service Desk at, and your username will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.   If this is your first time registering for a Wheeling Park District program or activity you can create your own household username  by clicking on "Create an Account."

I am a resident of the Wheeling Park District, but I am getting Non-Resident rates.  How can I show proof of residency?

Proof of Residency is required to register online and receive resident rates. By default, all newly created household accounts will be shown as non-resident households until proof of address is verified. 

If you have NEVER registered for a Wheeling Park District program before or are new to the area, you will not have a verified account. Not all Wheeling addresses are within the Park District boundaries and not all resident addresses are in Wheeling.  Students who attend a District 21 or District 23 school can apply as residents.

To verify that you reside within the boundaries of the Wheeling Park District, bring one of the following items with you to the Community Recreation Center Guest Service Desk at 333 W. Dundee Rd. Acceptable identification includes:

  • Government issued ID or driver's license
  • Utility bill for the household such as gas, electric, water or waste removal. (Not phone/television/internet service)
  • Lease or Mortgage statement with your name on it
  • For students, a recent report card or letter from the school confirming attendance

When I create an account the system shows I have a duplicate household.  

If you are shown a duplicate household message, your household is already in the system.  Please call the Guest Service Desk at 847-465-3333 to acquire your household username and to request a change of password.

Can I change my user name and password at any time?

If you have forgotten your username please email the Guest Service Desk at or call 847-465-3333.   If you have forgotten or need to change your password, please click on "Forgot my Password"

How do I register for a program or activity?

If you know the number of the program or activity you may type it in the "Activity Number" search box and follow all instructions.  It is important to note that each activity or program may request additional documentation to complete the online registration (e.g. Summer Camp Registration Forms, Childcare Programs, etc).   If you do not know the Activity Number, you may find in the current Program Guide or you may search by "Keyword Search."

Where can I register for a program/activity not listed online?

Although it is our goal to have all programs listed online, some programs required additional documentation that make it difficult for a guest to register online (e.g.Fitness Memberships, Preschool registration, etc).  Also some programs might not be visible online because the class is still not taking registrations.  If a program is not available online please contact us at or by calling 847-465-3333. 

Why can’t I register for a program listed online?

Programs and activities may have several restrictions such as age, grade level and skill level.  Please, first check if you meet all restrictions for a particular activity and/or program.  If you are certain that there is an error, please contact us by emailing us at frontdesk@wheelingparkdistrict or by calling 847-465-3333.  

What if an activity is listed as full?

Many of the programs and activities listed have a maximum capacity of registration.  If a class is listed as full it simply means that we have reached the maximum number of registrations.  Some classes will allow you to add yourself to a wait list in case someone decides to withdraw from the program or activity.  Wait lists are created on a first-come first-served method.  If a spot becomes available, the system will notify the first person who signed up to be part of the wait list.

How can I sign up for a program or activity not listed online?

Programs and activities have specific dates in which the class will be listed online.  If a program or activity has already started, please visit the Guest Service Desk to petition to be added to the program/activity.  

What if I change my mind about an activity prior to checking out?

You can always remove the activity from your cart prior to checking out and select a new activity or section number.

I’m supposed to have a credit on my household account.  How can I check?

You can always check your credit by logging into your account, selecting "My Account" and clicking "My History."

How do I use my household credit to pay for classes online?

If you have a credit in your account, the system will automatically add the credit when you add an item into your cart.  If you do not see a credit being applied, please contact us by calling 847-465-3333.

What forms of payment can I use with online registration?

Currently we only accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How do I know if my registration was successful?

After you successfully process a registration, the system will send an email to your primary email account.  Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see an email in your inbox.  You may also reprint a receipt by clicking "My Account."

What if I lost my receipt?

You may also reprint a receipt by clicking "My Account" and "Reprint Receipt"