2016 Budget

The 2016 Budget, adopted by the Wheeling Park District Board of Commissioners, serves as 
the Park District’s financial guide. The document reflects the Park District’s goal to be effective 
and efficient with resources and fiscally responsible with tax dollars. The budget complies with 
the provisions of the Park District Code, as well as the Budget Philosophy and Guidelines of the 
Board-approved, Fiscal Operations and Business Policies. The total 2016 budget is $24.1 
million, a decrease of 5.2% from 2015. From an operating standpoint, the budget has increased 
6.6% or $907,606. The aforementioned 6.6% increase is primarily due to supporting new 
opportunities provided by Heritage Park and Chevy Chase Country Club. Additional capital 
dollars committed in 2016 include improvements at the Heritage Park Development, Chevy 
Chase Country Club, Community Recreation Center, and Horizon Park; along with Americans 
with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements.

For all funds, total budgeted revenues (exclusive of transfers) are $17.6 million. This is an 
increase of 8.0% or $1,299,404 from 2015. Of the existing revenues, 40.9% come from tax 
sources and 59.1% from non-tax sources such as program fees, membership fees, daily 
admissions and rentals. The 2016 budget reflects as a percent of revenue a 2.4% decrease in 
tax sources and a 2.4% increase in non-tax sources from 2015. The tax revenues the Park 
District receives are independent of any other entity (i.e. Village, County or State) and are 
generated by residential and business property taxes.

The 2016 budget reflects the objective of efficiently executing Strategic Plan Initiatives, which 
assists in maximizing the Park District’s return on investment. The tax-per-capita spending on 
park and recreation services equates to $570 for each of the 38,555 residents the Wheeling 
Park District serves. The 2016 budget continues to support the District’s philosophy of 
maintaining existing assets prior to taking on new projects. The five-year Capital Replacement 
and Improvement Plan (CRIP), approved by the Board of Commissioners in 2013, provides a 
guide for infrastructure and equipment replacements, and improvements. In 2016, the Park 

District continues to work towards its mission to provide memorable experiences in parks and recreation that enrich our communities.

2016 Revenues

2016 Expenditures