The Dance Studio at the Wheeling Park District is committed to providing memorable, affordable and professional dance instruction for youth and adults. Enroll Online Today.


We offer dance classes guided by age, ranging in style from hip hop to ballet to tap. No prior experience necessary for youth* or adult classes.  *As appropriate, the Wheeling Park District reserves the right to place children according to ability and skill level in addition to age.

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You and Me
Age:1-2 years with adult
Bond with your toddler while getting your heart rate up, too! This class incorporate fun partner activities, line dancing and popular music that inspires you to dance together-even at home! Attire: gym shoes and comfortable clothing.


Toddler Creative Movement
Age: 2-3 years
Your toddler will develop a sense of rhythm, balance and control! A great preparation for preschool with upbeat music, energetic movement and following directions. Attire: Socks or ballet shoes and comfortable clothing.


Age: 3-4 years
Your preschooler will start to incorporate pre-ballet steps and more structure! This class builds an excitement for dance including jumping, reaching, crouching and twirling. Attire: Leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Hair pulled up.


Age: 3- 5 years Your preschooler starts to incorporate pre-tap steps and more structure! This class builds a sense of rhythm and body awareness through feet and energy-driven movement. Attire: Leotard, tights and tap shoes; hair pulled up.

Disney Ballet
Age: 3-5 years Dress up as your favorite prince or princess and learn the fundamental steps of ballet. Each week, pretend to be a different character and learn a creative dance to your favorite Disney songs. Attire: costumes or tutus and ballet shoes; hair in bun or pulled back.


Ballet and Tap L1 
Age: 4-6 years
Your little one will practice concentration and discipline through an introduction to both ballet and tap steps! Incorporating the left and right side, dancing across the floor and sequencing exercises will help them match movement to music. Attire: Pink leather ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotard and tights are required. All hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail.


Ballet and Tap L2
Age: 5.5-7 years
At this level, your young gradeschooler will continue refining the ballet and tap steps taught at level one. In addition to the basic fundamentals, this class encourages more advanced coordination, attention and body awareness. Attire: Pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard and tights are required. All hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail. Kinder


Ballet and Jazz Basics
Age: 6-9 years
Your gradeschooler works on the fundamentals of ballet and jazz movement! For dancers with or without prior experience. Great class to learn basic and intermediate movements for poms and/or athletic dance teams. Attire: Leotard, tights and ballet shoes; hair pulled up


Orchesis/Dance Team Prep
Age: 10-14 years
This is the perfect preparatory class for pre-teens and teens team. Try the fundamentals across disciplines like hip hop, jazz, lyrical, ballet, improvisation and interplay work from Wheeling High School


Kinder Hip Hop
Age: 4-6 years
Feel the beat and move to the rhythm as you explore waving, popping, locking and other basic hip-hop moves to today’s most popular music. Attire: Please wear hip-hop sneakers or gym shoes.


Tween Hip Hop
Age: 7-12 years
This very energetic form of dancing is derived from street dancing and funky jazz. Attire: Please wear hip-hop sneakers or gym shoes.


Intro to Cheer and Tumbling
Age: 8-12 years
Interested in cheerleading, poms or tumbling? Take this introductory class taught by Wheeling High School's Varsity Cheer Coach! No experience necessary.


Introduction to Ballroom: Merengue
Ages: 18 +
BRAND NEW! Merengue is a style of Dominican music and dance, known for its slow turns and closed positions. No need to bring a partner; we will pair you up or opt to


Introduction to Ballroom: Salsa
Ages: 18 +
BRAND NEW! Salsa is a style of social dancing originating in Latin America, known for its constant weight changes and hip movement. No need to bring a partner; we will pair you up or opt to go solo upon arrival. Attire: gym shoes and comfortable clothing


Adult Ballet Basics
Ages: 18 +
Stretch and learn the basics of ballet technique with movements that extend, push and strengthen muscles. Attire: ballet shoes, socks or gym shoes and comfortable clothing


Adult Hip Hop Basics
Ages: 18 +
BRAND NEW! Dance to today’s most popular music and break a sweat while having fun! No prior experience necessary. Attire: gym shoes and comfortable clothing

Caitlin McDonald, Recreation Services Manager, has taught adults and youth in both Iowa and Chicago for over 15 years. Her background is in lyrical, jazz and pom, with a specialty in hip hop/urban choreography

Angelique Guthrie has more than 25 years of dance experience in both teaching and directing. She started taking dance at the age of three and has taught all styles of the discipline.

Abigail Roberts is a Chicago-area dancer trained in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop. She is eager to bring tradition and innovation to our Dance Studio students.

Lori Buckley has taught dance since 2001 and graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a minor in dance. She holds an IL State Board of Education certification to teach dance for grades 6-12.

Sarah Teuber began dancing when she was only 3 years old, and received a college dance education from Illinois State University and Columbia College Chicago. Sarah has taught all ages and styles in Chicago and the Northwest suburbs. 

Learning how to dance is best when a student is able to feel comfortable in an adequate dance floor and room.  Our rooms offer:

  • Stretch Bars
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Hardwood Floor
  • Bright Lighting
  • Waiting Area
  • Sound System

For more information, please see the current program guide or call (847) 465-3333.