Martial Arts


All Karate classes are taught by instructors from the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club under the direction of John Di Pasquale. Register at the CRC Guest Service Desk.

Young children develop strength and coordination skills through fun and creative activities. This program, specifically designed to work with growing minds and bodies, also enhances memory and agility skills.

Eight- to 14-year-olds learn coordination, agility, strength, poise, and personal safety.

Release tension and develop total body fitness! In addition to self-defense skills, karate develops flexibility and muscle tone.

Children and adults universally enjoy learning the art of karate. This practice results in increased self-esteem in addition to enhancing discipline and control.

Tae Kwon Do

Classes for those seven years and older are designed to develop self-confidence and improve physical condition. The program builds leadership skills and the mental toughness necessary to overcome daily challenges and achieve goals.

Register today at the CRC Guest Service Desk. For more information, please see the current program guide or call Master Dan Valin at (847) 815-0898.