No Drones Zone for Wheeling Parks


As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are looking for places where they can fly drones. Wheeling Park District reminds residents that drones are not permitted on any park district properties.

Drones can interfere with the flight path of planes approaching and departing the Chicago Executive Airport located at the south end of Wheeling. Flying in the Heritage Park area is particularly dangerous because the surrounding area is on the approach path for the main runway for Chicago Executive Airport were planes are at an altitude of about 500 feet.  Drones have the capability of exceeding this altitude.

Drone pilots, even hobbyists are considered actual pilots and must follow certain regulations. The FAA requires a drone user to contact the airport and ask for permission to fly if they are within 5 miles of an airport. As you can see from the map below, all of Wheeling is within a five-mile radius of the airport. More details are posted to the Chicago Executive Airport's resource page at


  • Drone pilots are subject to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) guidelines. To learn more go to
  • The launching, flying and landing of model aircraft/drones for recreational purposes is not permitted on any park district property without prior Park District permission
    per General Use Ordinance #2014-M which states:

2.01 (c) No Person shall fly or cause to be flown or permit or authorize the flying of model Aircraft on or over District Property unless a Permit therefor has first been obtained from the District in accordance with Chapter V of this Ordinance.