Village to relocate Senior Services programs to CRC


On Monday, January 16, 2017, the Village of Wheeling announced it will transition senior services to facilities that can better meet the needs of the growing senior population by the end of 2017.

With Wheeling’s active senior population steadily increasing, the existing Pavilion Senior Center space is no longer adequate for the programming and services needs of its members. The majority of Senior Center programs will be relocated to the Wheeling Park District Community Recreation Center (CRC) in Heritage Park near Village Hall.

“Although Wheeling’s seniors have outgrown the Pavilion, we respect the benefits this space has offered its users,” said Village President Dean Argiris. “We’re committed to working with our partners at the Park District and in the community to make sure these opportunities are undiminished, and even expanded.”

Maintaining the ties senior community members have made at the Pavilion while also enabling rewarding multigenerational contact between seniors and the broader Wheeling population, is a major goal of this transition plan.

“One of the Park District’s greatest assets is our ability to create spaces where the whole community can come together. We’re confident in our ability to assist the Village with this transition, and we will continue to provide the types of facilities that support senior programs now, and in the future,” said Sue Stein, President of the Wheeling Park District Board of Commissioners.

In alignment with its mission, the Park District has served more than 1600 seniors in Parks and Recreation at the CRC since 2015. While the CRC will serve as the host facility, the Village’s Human Services Department will continue to manage their senior programming and special services.

“The Village and the Park District regularly coordinate on the subject of integration of services, and we share the aim of maintaining the connectedness of the senior community,” Village Human Services Director Shari Matthews Huizar said.

To ease the transition and ensure successful implementation, programs currently held at the Senior Center will gradually relocate to the CRC over the course of 2017. By January 1, 2018, all activities at the Pavilion will cease. The Village will continue to allocate resources to ensure that seniors receive the services they rely on from this program.

Contact:         Village Manager Jon Sfondilis                                   (847-499-9090)                    
Park District Executive Director Jan Buchs           (847-465-3333)