Pilates Reformer Training

The Pilates Reformer builds strength and flexibility, restores muscular balance, and teaches awareness of breath and alignment, while providing excellent core conditioning. Pilates Reformer training has been embraced by athletes, dancers, performers, and actors. And now, it is here for you at the Wheeling Park District!

Reformer Training will help you look better, perform better, and, above all, feel better. The Reformer will improve your quality of life - whether you seek a new challenge, are a “baby boomer” searching for muscle balance, experience chronic aches and pains, crave core conditioning, or require injury rehab - the Reformer is for you. Pilates Reformer Training is gentle, yet effective.

Experience it today in the privacy of our Pilates studio. Contact the Fitness Desk for more information (847) 465-2943.

All sessions expire one year from date of purchase. Refunds on Reformer Training are not available.

Sessions Member Guest
1 $35 $39
3 $102 $114
5 $165 $185
10 $320 $360
15 $465 $525
Sessions Member Guest
1 $55 $60
3 $162 $177
5 $265 $290
10 $520 $570
15 $765 $840