John Hansen, Aquatics Manager.

John is working to make your experience memorable at both the indoor and outdoor pools. If you have any questions about Aquatics programs or facilities, talk to John.  

  Name: Gloria Arteaga
School: University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC)
Goals: Earn a Ph.D in Psychology, concentrate research and practice on/for low-income/neglected groups.Years swimming: Took swim lessons from ages 7-12. Began teaching lessons Fall 2013. Working for the WPD since 2012.
Favorite Stroke: Breaststroke
Favorite thing about lessons: Putting a smile on thankful parents and students when they master a stroke or level. It makes all the hard work put into teaching your students worth it!




    Name: Vanessa Galeano
School: Harper College
Goals:My goal is to educate kids on the basic understandings of swimming. 
Years Swimming:I've been swimming since 2012, I swam competitively for four years at Buffalo Grove and now I'm a distance swimmer.
Favorite Stroke:My favorite stroke is butterfly
Favorite thing about lessons: When a student is having trouble learning a certain stroke or technique, and how their face lights up once they finally understand how to do it.
  Name: Lyrette Lopez
  Name: Rebecca Montesinos
School: Senior at Wheeling High School
Goals:My goal is to educate kids on the basic understandings of swimming. 
Years Swimming:I have been swimming for 4 years on Wheeling's swim team.
Favorite Stroke: My favorite stroke to swim is freestyle and breast stroke.
Favorite thing about lessons: Having fun with the kids while seeing them improve their skills.
  Name: Vanessa Lopez
No Picture Available    Name: Matt Bednar  
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  Name: Wendy Carpios  
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  Name:  Joanna Tamayo