PRIVATE court rentals are available!

  • 2 hour blocks
  • All court rentals must be booked at least 4 days in advance
  • Resident $30/two hours
  • Non-Resident $36/two hours

Pickleball Drop In

Pickleball Returns INDOORS October 2024
Wheeling Park District has 6 outdoor pickleball courts available for drop-in anytime 8:00 am – Dusk at Chamber Park
131 N. Wolf Road
Wheeling, IL 60090

Indoor Play Fees:

Daily Pass: Fitness Member/Resident $5.00 Non-Resident $7.00
10 Punch Pass: Fitness Member/Resident – $45.00 Non-Resident $63.00
Monthly Membership: Fitness Member/Resident $35.00 Non-Resident $50.00
3 Month Membership: Fitness Member/Resident $100.00 Non-Resident $140.00

Pickleball Levels

“Beginner/advanced beginner” players will:
  • Want to work on improving your game
  • Play a softer game with more dinking rather than slams or smashes
  • Be social – Want to meet others and have fun
  • Be okay playing with brand-new players in the game
  • Know how to serve, return, and volley
  • Have played complete games to 11 before or taken lessons
  • Be open to learning from others or have a friend who has played before
“Competitive/Advanced” players will:
  • Have extensive experience in organized play and/or tournaments
  • Know how to TEACH the rules and tactics of the game
  • Not be afraid of getting hit with the ball or hitting others
  • Can consistently place forehand and backhand shots, varying depth and speed
  • Be comfortable sending and receiving different spins on all shots
  • Execute a third drop shot consistently on both forehand and backhand
  • Be very comfortable playing up at the NVZ
  • Have a limited number of unforced errors

“Mixed” Drop-In players will:

  • Have played complete games to 11 before
  • Be comfortable keeping score and can teach all the rules and scoring of the game
  • Sustain a bounce dink rally
  • Be able to serve, return, transition, volley, dink, and smash
  • Not be afraid of getting hit with the ball or hitting others

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