Summer Camp

 Registration Now Open!

How To Register

  • ONLINE:  An account with User ID and password is required to access the system.
  • IN-PERSON: Community Recreation Center, 100 Community Boulevard, Wheeling. Please check our current CRC Guest Service hours.

Camp Dates

June 5 – August 11

Registration Deadlines

All registrations and withdrawal/transfer requests are due by 5:00 pm, Wednesday 2 weeks prior to the camp week they are attending.

Doing Your Part – How You Can Prepare Your Children for Hot Weather

  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting cotton clothing.
  • Apply sunscreen (factory at least 15-30) before arriving at camp. Campers should bring their sunscreen and reapply throughout the day as needed. Campers that need extra reminders should be communicated to our staff.
  • Drink plenty of water and send it to camp with a reusable water bottle. Avoid soft drinks, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages.
  • Be sure to inform staff of any medical issues that may be impacted by hot weather.
Recreation Service Managers will check the weather each day in preparation to make changes to activities as needed. During severe weather (thunder, lightning, tornados), campers are immediately taken to an indoor location. If the National Weather Service determines a heat emergency exists, camp activities will be modified to be more passive and less strenuous. More frequent water breaks will be provided. If possible, campers will be moved to an air-conditioned facility.

Financial Assistance

Payment plans are available to campers attending a minimum of 3 weeks of 5-Day Adventure, 5-Day Sports, Art, CIT, or Preschool Camp.  Any extended care registration fees will be included in the payment plan for campers attending eligible camps. Families interested in payment plans must register, in person, no later than May 16. Payment Plan schedules are determined based on the  date of approval and final date of attendance. Wheeling Park District residents may apply for financial assistance, click here for more information.

Camp Refund Policy

Campers enrolling through payment in full must submit a withdrawal request no later than 5:00 pm Wednesday 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp week. Campers enrolling through a payment plan must submit any withdrawal request no later than May 22.  All withdrawal requests must be submitted via the online form on the camp web page. A $25, per transaction, service fee is applied to all approved refund requests.


Friendship Request

Friendship requests MUST be submitted by filling out the form on the Summer Camp Webpage.

Please fill out all of the information on the Friendship request form. Requests with missing information will not be accepted.

Requests must be submitted 2 weeks in advance of attendance. Only campers enrolled in the 5-day/week option are eligible to submit a friendship request. Friendship requests will only be considered if both participants submit a request and are in the same grade. Requests are limited to 2 other campers for the entirety of the summer. All requests are considered but are not guaranteed.

CIT Camp, Preschool Camp, and all flex camp options are NOT eligible to submit a friendship request.

Requests will be accepted through June 14th.

Camp Transfer Policy

Campers enrolling through payment in full must submit any transfer request no later than 5:00 pm Wednesday 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp week. Campers enrolling through a payment plan must submit any transfer request no later than May 22. The first three (3) approved transfer requests are free of charge. Any additional transfer requests will have a $10 service fee per transaction.

Waitlist Policy

All camps, with the exception of Flex Camp, will have a waitlist option. Waitlist placements are reserved for campers not currently enrolled in a camp for the week. Each eligible camper may be waitlisted for one camp per week.

Program Cancellation

The Wheeling Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine camps as necessary. A camp may be canceled due to low enrollment

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbooks will be available online and at the CRC. The handbook covers everything you need to know about attending camp including lunch, swimming, what to bring, codes of conduct, medical information, and more.

Click here to view the 2023 Summer Camp Parent Manual

NWSRA Request Policy

If your child is in need of NWSRA inclusion assistance please contact Bella Licciardello Allen by email at ilicciardello@wheelingparkdistrict. com to make a request. Please note that NWSRA requires a minimum of 2 weeks for all requests.

Contact Information


100 Community Boulevard

Wheeling, IL 60060

Camp Swim Days

Jr Adventure: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Sr Adventure: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Jr Sport: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Sr Sport: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Art Camp: Monday & Thursday morning
CIT: Swim day same as their camp assignment