Team Highlight: IT

Behind the seamless operation of our digital infrastructure stands our exceptional IT team, the unsung heroes who navigate complex systems, stay ahead of technological trends, and tirelessly ensure our operations run smoothly. From troubleshooting breakdowns to defending against cyber threats, their dedication and expertise keep our organization secure and thriving. Meet the team that keeps our systems up and running flawlessly.

Pictured above from left to right: Josh Josephson (IT Specialist) and Dave Putziger (IT Manager)

Work Anniversaries

30 Years

Adolfo Eloisa
Executive Chef

5 Years

Alejandra Gonzalez
Health Fitness Team Leader

STAR Awards

Lisa Garrow

Bill Domanchuk

Lester Caramba

Adriana Munoz

Gino Pontello

Adina Zussman

Tammy Velkova

Kim Merwin

Felipe Melgoza

Francisco Melgoza

Rogelio Lagunes

Alfredo Montes

Bernardo Ramirez

Oscar Fuentes

Christian Zirzow

Jeremy Turton

Ramon Cruz

Eric Anderson

Steve Wenig

Mark Luboyeski

Freddy Degoma

Adrian Fernandez

Miguel Hernandez

Darren Antonio

Mariah Mendez

Janely Garcia

Brian Hernandez

Dylan Hernandez

Rafael Salazar

Adam Delgado

Luis Gonzalez

Carlos Luviano

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