Spring House Soccer League


The Wheeling Park District is dedicated to providing a structured soccer league that provides children with the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer! The league consists of a weekly practice and six weekend games. Leagues may be combined with neighboring districts for games at various locations. Practice nights will vary based on the availability of volunteer coaches. All levels are coed. All new players must purchase a league uniform to participate. Two jerseys (yellow and blue) are available to purchase at the CRC. Uniform not included in registration fee.

Volunteer coaches are needed to coach all youth soccer teams. Please sign up to coach a team at the time of registration or email Ryan Jones at rjones@wheelingparkdistrict.com for more information.

Location: Heritage Park Soccer Basin

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Spring/Summer 2023

Registration Deadline: 3/22

KWeekday Practices Weekend Games4/15 - 5/20Varies$85/$95203213-01
1-2Weekday Practices Weekend Games4/15 - 5/20Varies$85/$95203213-02
3-4Weekday Practices Weekend Games4/15 - 5/20Varies$85/$95203213-03

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