Youth/Adult Karate

Youth Adult Karate

Students enjoy a good mix of strength training and cardiovascular and flexibility exercises. Parents, this class is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your child while conditioning muscles, developing coordination and improving cardiovascular fitness. Fees are per person.


Saturday Spring – River Trails Middle School

Saturday Summer – Community Recreation Center

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Summer 2022

AGElevelDayDateTimeN/NR FeeCode
7+BeginnerSaturday6/11 - 08/209:15 - 10:15am$138/$148208483-06
7+Continuer (Red-Blue)Saturday6/11 - 08/209:15 - 10:15am$138/$148208483-07
7+Novice ( Green - Purple)Saturday6/11 - 08/2010:20 - 11:35am$157/$167208483-08
7+Intermediate (Brown)Saturday6/11 - 08/2010:20 - 11:35am$157/$167208483-09
7+Advanced (Black Belt Only)Saturday6/11 - 08/2011:40am - 1:10pm$176/$186208483-10

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