New Vision Statement Approved by the Board of Commissioners

A recent community survey conduced by aQity Research & Insights demonstrated that Wheeling Park District is the top provider of choice for parks and recreation in our community. Serving as a inspiring reminder of the long term goals of the District, a new vision statement was introduced and approved by the Board of Commissioners on October 17, 2023. The new vision statement, to uphold our tradition as the provider of choice for parks and recreation in our community” is supported by three overarching areas of focus described below: 


  • Community: The Wheeling Park District will engage and serve the diverse needs and preferences of our evolving community, fostering inclusivity, accessibility, and equity in the provision of parks, recreational facilities, and programs, delivered through excellent service.
  • Leadership: The Wheeling Park District understands the value of collaboration and will build relationships, forge partnerships, and facilitate cooperation among community organizations and individuals as the leading provider of parks and recreation services.
  • Innovation: The Wheeling Park District empowers its staff to research and utilize cutting-edge enhancements to better the workplace and guest experience. The District will develop and implement new ideas, strategies, technologies, and approaches that bring about positive change and enhance the delivery of services.

“The new vision statement pushes the District to continue the work to stay as the top provider of parks and recreation in the community,” said Jan Buchs.