Date: Friday and Saturday, September 29 and September 30
Time: 7-10 PM on Friday; 3-8 PM on Saturday
Location: Heritage Park

Join us for two days of food, merriment and music at our annual OKTOBERFEST event!

We'll have German and domestic beer, bratwurst, and live entertianment!

Heritage Park Performance Pavilion (333 W. Dundee Rd., Wheeling)

Friday, September 29; 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday, September 30; 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

$5 Per Person (Pay at time of admission. May use Credit Card.)
(Children 12 Years and Under, and Seniors Over 60 Years enter Free)


Friday, September 29


Modern Day Romeos

The spring of 2017 marked the15 year anniversary for the Modern Day
Romeos. For a decade and half, every weekend, MDR has remained a top drawing party band with impressive numbers in any venue or festival.

All six of its members have come together from different musical
backgrounds to create one of the most fun, unique and high-energy
shows that you can experience locally.

The musical selection of MDR is about as wide as it gets. The spectrum includes motown classics, classic rock treasures, metal anthems, 80's favorites, 90's gems, and the top hits of the 2000's. We alter most of the songs to our own style and add a lot of comedy and medleys to make your favorite songs new to you again. Our fan base ranges from 21 to 61 on a regular basis and we want to make sure we have something for everyone. Our challenge this year is to continue writing original music and have it available on iTunes by the end of the summer.

Put on your partici-pants!! MDR strives to be the most entertaining band you will see. Jim is in the crowd half of the time, separating them and assigning singing parts and leading a "bad dancing" competition, while Justin is showing off his majestic cowbell moves. Even if you attend by yourself, we will make sure that you meet the people next to you and high five and cheers the rest. We don't want you to come see a show, we want you to be a part of it.

Saturday, September 30


Ipa Tribute-Band

International Polka Association Tribute Band



Lava Rock

A new band that’s shaking up the scene: LAVA Rock, playing the biggest hits of FOUR ROCK LEGENDS that dominated the greatest era in rock history- Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Van Halen & AC/DC!!

L is for Legendary- Led Zeppelin, the legendary force, the gods of Rock ‘n’ Roll. These guys made rock and roll what it is today. LAVA Rock channels the Zeppelin mystique with undying hits like Rock and Roll, Kashmir, and Whole Lotta Love.

A is for American- Aerosmith, the most successful American rock band of all time. Catch the swagger of the Toxic Twins Joe Perry and Steven Tyler and early Aerosmith classics like Dream On and Walk This Way, and more recent crowd pleasers like Living on the Edge and Love in an Elevator.

V is for Velocity and Vibe- Van Halen took the world by storm, revolutionizing guitar playing with the velocity of Eruption. LAVA Rock harnesses the energy of the David Lee Roth era with hits like Jump and Panama, and continues to rock the vibe with Sammy Hagar-era hits like Top of the World and Why Can’t This Be Love.

A is for Australia- AC/DC, the Thunder Down Under. LAVA Rock conjures Angus Young’s high voltage brand of rock ‘n’ roll with Bon Scott-era songs like Dirty Deeds and Highway to Hell, and the earthshaking hits of the Brian Johnson era like Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock, and the most famous rock anthem of all time, You Shook Me All Night Long.

See why fans are raving how a versatile singer, two shredding guitarists, and a heart-stopping rhythm section bring to life the experience of these four rock legends, playing the music of your past that still has a future. Come out and rock. LAVA Rock!