Pool Closing Policies

Facility Closing and Reopening decisions are made solely by management. We do not issue rainchecks or refunds.

Weather closures – for safety purposes, the facility will immediately close at the first sign of thunder, lightning or severe weather, and will remain closed at least 30 minutes from the last sign of thunder, lightning, or severe weather. During this time, patrons will not be allowed to remain within the pool enclosure and are strongly encouraged to seek shelter.

Health & safety closures – in the event that the pool water chemistry fails to comply with regulations, the facility will be closed to guests until the water Chemistry is brought back into compliance\


Weather-Related Delays, Cancelations, or Closings.

Stay up-to-date for weather-related delays, cancelations, or closings. Choose the technology you are most comfortable with using. You can sign up for text or email alerts, view the status directly from this page, download the app to your smartphone, or call the hotline number for a recorded update.

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